2020 BMX River Ride

During 2020, Cockburn BMX Club will be undergoing a major redevelopment of the existing 30yo BMX facility. As a gesture of good will, Cockburn BMX Club has been asked to raise funds for the supply of the starting gate and fit out of the canteen, nominations office and club rooms. The club needs to raise around $50,000 to meet the target.

The 2020 BMX River Ride is a chance for the BMX community to promote our sport around Perth, while raising money for the new Cockburn BMX facility and for your W.A. based BMX Club. Wear your best racing gear, helmet, goggles and ride your BMX racing bike to flaunt BMX racing around Perth.

The event involves a 17km ride around the Swan River and is open to riders and their friends and family. You do not need to be a licensed BMX rider to participate. So get your friends and family together to raise as much money as you can through personal sponsorship for the BMX River Ride. The more money you raise, the better positioned Cockburn BMX Club is to provide the highest standard BMX facility possible.

Click here for the event details and sponsor record sheet.